Monday, 6 February 2017

Participant feedback

After the conclusion of the workshop, CAN the producing partner received some feedback about the event and the presenters James Berlyn and Zoe Warwick:

I thought it was excellent – both content and venue,
Thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you for this rare and life enhancing opportunity.
I believe the workshop forum was well worth it, perhaps allowing more time (with an included break might help for future workshops)
I say this as it took a good hour before people seemed to relax into sharing and as it was noted just before 3pm - we’d just gotten started! This may have left vulnerable people in a vulnerable space …alone after opening up to the great group.
 The facilitators were fantastic and the food and drinks were good for often emotional expression needs a little sustenance, especially of a muffiny nature!
Loved the content, but again it may have helped participants to have a little longer to consolidate the experience.
I feel it ‘touched the surface’ really well and hope there’ll be more in the not too distant future.  

Loved the day and the interaction. Both presenters were fantastic in maintaining such an open , free speaking event…
 One thing I would like to add is that it was questions where rather general and maybe that’s what it was meant to be , for example one of the questions was “how do you offer meaningful support without making it worse:. I believe it needs to be more specific almost a scenario or a case study.. I suppose it may act as a trigger but the original question is too vast for me to answer well.
 The venue and refreshments provided were quality, what I would like to see is making it more central, almost like breaking bread and chatting however the typewriters were a great success and connected the process with others across all table . I do hope you understand my thoughts.
 All in all I enjoyed the workshop and the diverse group.  

I appreciated Touched by suicide a creative workshop. I appreciated the 2 facilitators, their energy & the exercises / activities they shared with us on the day - i especially liked the continuum line where we could visually see how we wer all so different with our likes / dislikes / experiences, i also appreciated reconnecting with the old skool type writers, it helped me express my thoughts and feelings in another medium that i haven't used in such a long time & the dated paper gave it a whole other feel to it too. I also liked meeting new people that have been been touched by suicide & the thread / community we appear to be connected to. I felt it was very symbolic being down in the dark 'theater' considering the journey ive been on these last few yrs with my deepression, breakdowns & mental health challenges - considering people go into hospital theater to have surgical work done on their physical bodies i felt this workshop was like some sort of mental, emotional energetic theater that is helping me on my healing & recovery journey - i really appreciated coming up the stairs and being greeted with so much light & beautiful artistic design in the state theater. 
I think it would be awesome for such workshops to be shared at the next mental health conference, mental health awareness week / suicide prevention week / homelessness week - At various events that facilitate more healing.
I look forward to being involved in future workshops & events.

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